Involved with the agency since 2006, for years Michał took active part in the creation of its structure, methodology and business portfolio.

His starting position was Key Account Manager, and before taking on the role of Managing Director he unified the P&G service in Saatchi & Saatchi and Interactive Solutions. A Business Director at the time, Michał managed an over twenty-strong, interdisciplinary team responsible for the client's needs on local, regional and global levels. Over the years spent with the agency he co-created campaigns for such brands as Pepsico, Exxon Mobil, Citi Bank, T-Mobile and Red Bull to ultimately stay with P&G.

A management and marketing specialist and a psychologist by education, Michał dedicated his studies to the psychological aspects of management as well as the mechanics of customer behavior and advertising. In order not to become overwhelmed with analyses during his university years, he has also worked as a snowboarding and tennis instructor.

Michał resides in Warsaw with his wife. An avid photographer, he also devotes much time to printing, mostly large-format photos. The mountains are his retreat, and he elopes there with his snowboard once a year (YouTube: „snowboarding 99,8 km/h” ;) In his youth Michał played the guitar and read sheet music, and after selling his guitars he continually saves money to buy new ones. For emergencies he always keeps a skateboard in the trunk of his car. His favored means of relaxation include reclining, swimming and travelling.