Michał possesses the instincts of a true internet animal, which in 2010 led him to become the first copywriter in the quickly developing Interactive Solutions Warsaw branch. A man of stable affections, Michał previously worked for only one agency, PZL, having remained there for a significant time, and created for such customers as Polkomtel, Kompania Piwowarska, Tesco, Alior Bank, Allegro and Axel Springer.

Over the years he managed to collect dozens of awards during both Polish and foreign advertising festivals, and his portfolio expanded with the addition of such clients as Old Spice, Pampers, Gillette, Blend-a-Med, Oral-b, Head & Shoulders, Microsoft, TMobile i Heyah, Tymbark, Toyota, Carlsberg, Sommersby, Wedel and Voltaren.

(For the sake of the record it must be noted that his awards number at around two dozen, but "dozens" sounds significantly more impressive.)

In his time unoccupied by advertising Michał likes to travel or fish, as well as read, watch films and play games. Whenever he isn't feeling particularly lazy he also likes to engage in sports