As HR Director for two companies owned by the Publicis Groupe (Interactive Solutions i Saatchi&Saatchi) with seats in Poznań and Warsaw, Wiktoria created and implemented HR processes that she continues to develop and polish for the requirements of the Group as well as the needs of quickly developing companies and markets. Wiktoria and her team performed various recruitment projects in Poland and abroad, of which the most demanding was the creation of the pioneering eMerchandising team in Poland.

She created the program for new employee adaptation and assessment for the company and has initiated student workshops as well as internship programmes. Wiktoria is a member of the Polish Association for Human Resources Management.

Wiktoria joined Interactive Solutions in september 2008 as Client Service Director with 15 years of management experience and subsequently became Operations Director, creating improvement processes and implementing IT systems assisting the operations and monitoring of the company. 

Wiktoria graduated from Poznań University of Economics (commerce and marketing) as well as the WSB Banking School in Poznań (Hr Management and Taxes). Immediately after graduation she started working in the marketing division of a company providing services for the biggest business clients in Poland, where she created marketing strategies and oversaw quality management. She also held the positions of Brand Manager and Marketing Manager for a clothing brand company where she developed a network of own and partner stores and created and implemented strategies for promotion and sales for three of the brands.

Wiktoria spends half of each year in the city and retreats into a forest lodge for the remaining half, where she recharges her batteries away from urban noise. Wiktoria is addicted to people and their energy as well as travelling, which keeps her mind open to new things.